Ethics in an AI era: the role of universities


Debate Harpley - level 1 'T&I'

Artificial intelligence, we are regularly told, is about to turn the world upside down. Nothing will be the same again: from the way we study to what we study, and from the jobs we do to the way we live our private lives. But as technology advances – driven largely by private companies with commercial motives – universities have a crucial role to play to ensure that ethical considerations keep pace. In this session, leading AI experts will debate how universities can rise to this challenge, discussing the most pressing ethical questions from a range of perspectives, from the technical to the philosophical. Their aim will be to map out how best to combine the unique interdisciplinary strengths of academia to deliver AI technology that benefits us all.

Senior lecturer in social and cultural artificial intelligence
King's College London
Senior Research Fellow
UCL Institute of Health Informatics
Digital editor