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Santander has been collaborating with universities for more than 17 years on a unique global initiative which sets the bank apart from other national and international banks and financial institutions. The bank supports the Higher Education sector in such areas as teaching and research, international cooperation, knowledge and technology transfer, entrepreneurial initiatives, student mobility and innovation. Santander has signed collaboration agreements with over 1,200 academic institutions from America, Asia and Europe. Santander is already collaborating with eighty-one British Universities with agreements focused in promoting international exchange, entrepreneurial activities, employability and the mobility of students and researchers within the network.

The bank tops the 'Global Fortune 500' list as the company that invests the most in Corporate Social Responsibility in connection with education, according to the first global study published by the Varkey Foundation in collaboration with UNESCO. In 2015, the bank invested 160 million euros.
One of the key areas that Santander funds is the support to entrepreneurs. Through the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards the bank has been giving an important financial boost to start-ups and promising business ideas.  The bank also supports entrepreneurs through individual funding giving to universities to run pitching competitions. That is how the Thuillier brothers began their business venture: Oppo ice-cream.

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