THE Awards 2013

Now in their ninth year, the Times Higher Education Awards are a highlight of the academic calendar and a glittering celebration of the best of the sector.

The awards represent a unique and high-profile opportunity to celebrate the excellence and amazing achievements of UK higher education institutions, and reaffirm our commitment to the two core pursuits of higher education: teaching and research.

The winners were announced on 28 November 2013. Congratulations to all.

To view the THE Awards 2013 winners list please click here. 

Congratulations to the winner of the iPad Mini - Mahmoud Ally, Pembroke College, Oxford


WINNER: “I was particularly delighted to have my lifelong endeavours recognised in an award named after the late Lord Dearing. His wide ranging 1997 report on the future of Higher Education was an inspiration for me in my work as an academic and practitioner on the active role universities can play in their local and regional communities.”
Professsor John Goddard, Newcastle University, The Lord Dearing Lifetime Achievement Award 2012

WINNER: “The Times Higher Education awards are hotly contested in the sector. I was truly delighted when the University of Huddersfield was named 2012 Entrepreneurial University of the Year, especially as this was a category which reflected our determination to play a role in economic regeneration. Our status as a THE award winner is something that we proclaim whenever and wherever possible and it is proving to be a powerful element in our marketing strategy.”
Professor Bob Cryan, University of Huddersfield, Entrepreneurial University of the Year 2012
WINNER: “The University of Southampton is exceptionally proud and delighted to have won successive Times Higher Education Awards in 2011 and 2012 for Outstanding ICT Initiative. Our winning entry in 2012 was for the creation of the University’s Open Data Service and in 2011 we were honoured for developing the web-based annotation tool Synote. In both cases academic research underpinned the winning entries that have demonstrated real and potential educational and business applications. We are grateful to the Times Higher Education for recognising the value and importance of these projects which reflect the outstanding effort and continual dedication of our staff whilst underscoring the pioneering work that makes Southampton a world leader in Web Science.”
Gavin Costigan, University of Southampton, Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year 2012

WINNER: “Promoting excellence in Higher Education inspires students and staff, and The University of Strathclyde has benefited significantly from being named University of the Year in the 2012 awards. Unlike other awards, this one touches the entire institution and, as a consequence, the recognition was a real source of pride among students, staff and alumni. It raised our profile globally, and was noticed by our stakeholders in government, the public and third sectors. Strathclyde was founded as a ‘place of useful learning’. The citation - which described us as a “bold, imaginative and innovative institution” and highlighted the quality and impact of our research, as well as our close links with business and industry - was seen as a strong endorsement of that philosophy. The title reflects our founding mission and our position today as a leading international technological university. It also marks our commitment to making a difference to our students, to our community and to society worldwide. As well as acknowledgement of past achievement, it is a spur to us doing greater and better things.”
University of Strathclyde, University of the Year 2012
WINNER: “Newcastle University is delighted to have won the Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development category at the 2012 THE Awards.  We are committed to developing innovative and creative responses and embedding leadership development at all levels, throughout our organisation.  Winning this award provides external recognition of this commitment and for the University to win the same category for a second time is extremely rewarding.”
Dr. Liz Kemp, Newcastle University, Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development 2012

WINNER: "We were very proud to win the award for 'Widening Participation Initiative of the Year' at the Times Higher Education Awards 2012. It is an honour for our work to be recognised as representative of the best in the higher education sector and it has injected a big morale boost into the team."  
Lynn Grimes, London South Bank University, Widening Participation Initiative of the Year 2012
WINNER: “We were delighted that the judging panel recognised the visionary nature of our collaborative culture. Partnership working at Northumbria University is at the heart of what we do. We believe connecting the right people with the right partners for the right reasons will deliver great outcomes every time. The award was a clear endorsement of our strategy to create innovative, pioneering partnerships which drive our contribution to regional, economic and cultural and social development and which are even more crucial during these challenging times in order to make a real difference to our people, organisations and communities.”  
Lucy Winskell, Northumbria University, Excellence and Innovation in the Arts 2012

WINNER: “I find it rewarding making science relevant to people’s lives and creating the enthusiasm for science that I feel myself. It was fun linking my work on the BBC Series Frozen Planet with the production of a short course, which enriches the student experience, captures imagination and shows how polar scientists operate.  Winning the award has opened a few doors to other universities, where I can share the powerful teaching methods The Open University is renowned for.”  
Dr Mark Brandon, The Open University, Most Innovative Teacher of the Year 2012
WINNER: The award for 'Outstanding Support for Early Career Researchers' 2012 has given formal recognition to the value and impact of the 'Research Leaders' programme. Aimed at academic staff who supervise and line manage researchers, 'Research Leaders' has provided a step change in the attitude and value placed upon support for early career researchers by participants. Senior Management have contributed and given their full support sending a signal to all staff that leadership, performance management and supporting the next generation of researchers is fundamental to the University of York.  
University of York, Outstanding Support for Early Career Researchers 2012

WINNER:: "The success of this complex international project is due to the efforts put into it by a large number of dedicated educators. The award acknowledges a major contribution by the University of Westminster that now has a firm educational presence in the Southern Caucasus. It is committed to building on the established relationships with institutions in the region with further projects aimed at the development of sophisticated e-based learning methods, virtual laboratories and research collaborations"  
Professor Jane Lewis, Dr Nina Porakishvili and Professor Peter Lydyard, University of Westminster
WINNER:‘The University was delighted to receive the THE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development last year. The fact that the sector recognizes the excellent work that has been done at Nottingham and the holistic approach that we take to embed sustainability into all that we do, means a great deal and is something of which we are all proud. As well as the national recognition that the award has given us, it has helped to further raise the profile of the sustainability agenda here at Nottingham.’
Chris Jagger, The University of Nottingham, Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development 2012

SPONSOR: ‘The Times Higher Education Awards are a reference for quality education in the UK and for Santander Universities it was only appropriate to support this celebration. We have been supporting higher education since 1996 and over 60 UK universities are now our partners. We are proud to have been associated with this event alongside the THE and to support the University of the Year 2012 award.’
Carlos Prado-Leira Marketing & Communications Director Santander Universities Global Division
SPONSOR: ‘The Times Higher (THE) Awards are a highlight of the academic calendar. They provide a unique and high profile opportunity to celebrate the innovation, collaboration and achievements of the UK’s higher education institutions and recognise the value this brings to industry. BAE Systems is delighted to sponsor the ‘Outstanding Engineering Research Team of the Year’ awards category and proud of our longstanding partnership with TSL Education.’ 
Peter Fielder, Managing Director Performance and Excellenc, BAE Systems

SPONSOR: ‘We have partnered with TSL Limited for several years and find they have a strong presence in the higher education community.  The prestigious THE Higher Education awards dinner are a highlight of the year, and we welcome the opportunity to invite many of our university customers, editors, and collaborators to celebrate the event with us.  As innovation is one of our core values, Elsevier is proud to sponsor the THE Outstanding contribution to Innovation and Technology award.’
Dr Noelle Gracy, Marketing Director, Elsevier
SPONSOR:  ‘The Times Higher Awards celebrates all that is truly valuable and innovative about higher education in the UK. No other organisation can bring this diverse sector together in such a positive way.’
Tricia Wombell, Director of Marketing and Communications, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education

SPONSOR: ‘Capita is delighted to sponsor the Times Higher Education Awards, a major event in the HE calendar. We provide services to over 70 HEIs and value the opportunity of celebrating and recognising the achievements of individuals, teams and institutions.’
Andy Shenstone Director, Education Capita
SPONSOR: ‘The Times Higher Awards provides a vital opportunity to celebrate the innovation and success of higher education in the UK. Campus Living Villages is dedicated to student experience and supporting the Most Improved Student Experience Award is a natural way for us to share university successes in this area.’
Nadine Lee, UK Marketing Director, Campus Living Villages

SPONSOR: ‘We have been among the sponsors of the THE Awards for the last three years. The Awards showcase all that is best about higher education, and give those involved in the sector an opportunity to highlight the many tremendous achievements of our universities and HE institutions. As one of the main suppliers of legal services to the sector, SGH Martineau is delighted to support what is always a fabulous celebration of HE in the United Kingdom’.
Smita Jamdar Partner and Head of Education SGH Martineau LLP

Winners of the ninth Times Higher Education Awards are revealed!


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2013 Awards Night:

The ceremony took place on Thursday 28 November 2013, at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London